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My name is Elise, if you haven't gathered that from my blog so far!

I am married to Kaden and have the best life! I wanted to give everyone an introduction to who I am and why I blog.

I am a full time software developer. I have always had this knack for technology and just recently realized that this is my passion in life. Along with development, I love blogging on the side. I mostly blog for my friends and family to have updates on our crazy life! I also love sharing my adventures and journey with those who want to listen. This blog is like a personal journal inside my life and I love sharing my experiences.

To get to know a little about me...

I love long walks on the beach. Wait, scratch that. I am far from ORDINARY. I am obsessed with all things Harry Potter. I absolutely love traveling. I ask my husband every single day without fail to buy us a dog. (I just want one so badly!) I love being a nerdette and comic talk. (Thanks dad!)

Crafting is a big thing that I do and creating scrapbooks with all of the pictures we take, and that is a lot if you ask me. Diy's are definitely my thing.

Anything that has to do with books and reading, maybe even a cup of coffee and a soft blanket. My ultimate goal is to read all the books on my bookshelf, but it isn't just a tiny shelf it is section after section of books! Some people refer to me as Belle. The dream is to have a huge library in my house just full to the brim with books.

As you read more and more you will get to know me and Kaden and we hope that you enjoy our posts!

The Adams

Welcome to my new website!


Welcome to my new blog! Most of you may be familiar with my old blog, but I have been working extremely hard to build this myself. I recently graduated from a bootcamp for programming and have learned how to build applications and websites! I hope that you enjoy reading this blog and my future posts.

A ton of things happened within the past months! I have joined a company as part owner called BigMouthFrogDev. We build ecommerce websites! I have found my passion in life and I cannot wait to show the world what I can do! Programming is amazing and very accomplishing! I find great pride in the projects that I have completed so far. The best thing is when you have been stuck on a coding error and you finally figure it out or you figure it out quickly!

I will be giving an intro soon about me, so you can get to know me a little more!

The Adams